We have been working with the Belleville Senators since their Inaugural season in 2017. From building intros, ribbon boards, producing media production days and creating corporate assets. We’ve done it all with the team. 2021 was no different! The Sens needed materials and fast. A new group of staff was coming in and being able to edit things easily was needed. Together we were able to produce Canva templates for the team that allowed them to adjust and design social media assets for anyone. As always we also did the media production day, game operations based content.


Breanne Matthews

Michael Carlesimo


2017 – Current






Halo Fascia Design, Signage, Editing, Production, Graphic Design

We were able to shoot, produce, and create everything for the 2021 Belleville Senators season in 1 month. We continue to provide support and creative where needed.

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