You might wonder how we got into sports marketing. Well, The OHL Hamilton Bulldogs is exactly where it all began and is still currently happening. We didn’t start doing everything, it was a gradual process. Today we’ve learned A LOT at this level. We have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. We have a general visualization of the fanbase and area of Hamilton sports.  We’ve learnt from our mistakes, let’s face it nobodies perfect, our failures are ultimately your gain.  The OHL is a market where some teams have people that do everything good, sometimes mediocre or they hire out a large percentage of it. 

Through the Hamilton Bulldogs we found our niche. 



We work here


2015 – Current




Marketing, Ticketing, Design, Production, Game Operations, Merchandise

Six years of work with the Bulldogs. We’ve experienced it all, coming up with ideas during a pandemic, what to do during a championship, baby races, giveaway items and price to benefit ratio, what kind of merchandise works, what jerseys do best. Logos, branding, videos of all sizes for all types of mediums…. you name it… we probably did it or something that was similar.

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