Top Shelf Media has been working with The CANUSA Games Hamilton Branch since the pandemic preparing for the games happening in Hamilton 2023. Our team put together their first ever virtual hockey games in 2020 by working with The Flint Firebirds and Hamilton Bulldogs. A live show was developed between the two cities where athletes joined in to watch via viewing parties.

This was the first time that they had ever done something digital in this capacity. The results from this event launched our relationship going into 2021.

With the pandemic slowly ending, Hamilton athletes were able to travel to Flint for the games, however COVID travel restrictions between CANADA and the USA made this a difficult project.   It was our job to create a system where athletes could enter their confidential information including health card and passport information through an encrypted, PIPEDA / HIPAA compliant system with proper security in place. 

We also started a rebrand which would continue into the 2023 CANUSA Games. This rebrand would long-tern help the CANUSA Games maintain relevancy and spark an increased interest in the games happening in Hamilton among young athletes.





January 2020- Current


Content creation, Branding, Web, Photography


Create a long-term plan that converts families and young athletes into lifelong participants in the games.

We were able to convert and send 200 athletes over the border to Flint during one of the most difficult times to travel. CANUSA was able to capture digital information on 500 local athletes in Hamilton that would be used to promote the 2023 Games.

Local Athletes Highlighted

Our strategy was to make it about the athletes that had participated in the CANUSA Games pre-covid. Athletes were invited to a production day where their photos were taken by us and stories were created which were published on the website.


We went through the CANUSA archives to find old footage of past years to show the games and what they used to be to create a sense of how long these games have been around for. We showed athletes then vs now and remade old logos that did not have original files.

Recapping the experience

Each day we made sure to cover the activities that were happening in-depth. These edits had to be delivered the day of in order for the best results.

With us being there, this allowed us to capture what we would need for the games when they returned to Hamilton in 2023.

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