Corey approached us in September 2020 looking to start his hockey school in the middle of the pandemic. He knew about our pre-existing work with the Hamilton Bulldogs which made this an easy relationship to start. He wanted his brand to stand out, be professional and clean as well as attract some eyes. On October 10th Innovate Hockey launched. Together from logo design, getting everything up and running, video production, social media strategy we were able to get Corey the results he wanted. One thing we take pride is in that this partnership with Corey is that everything was built together from the ground up, making sure that it wasn’t just about friends and family liking his content, but it was about people excited about hockey and training with Corey.

One year later we’re proud to have grown the brand and are working with Corey to take his school to the next level while retaining the effectiveness of the brand we started with him.


Corey Stringer


2020 – Current


Brand and Marketing


Web, Graphic Design, Motion graphics, Video Production, Brand Development, Social media strategy, Influencer marketing, live video.

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