The Hamilton Bulldogs had quite a season in 2022 and we were glad to be a part of it from start to finish. We had previous experience from the 2018 OHL Championship but nothing could have ever prepared us for a year full of restrictions under the rule of the Ontario Government. It wasn’t until Family Day 2022 that things had finally got back to some sort of normal – which meant it was time to have the OHL Bulldogs first Outdoor Game! 


It was our responsibility as the marketing department to get this game out there, and it had to happen fast! We had three weeks from approval of it happening with the NHL and OHL to launch to prepare event information, logo designs, signage and video production for a family day launch to fans when capacity restrictions were lifted. Once that happened 12,000 tickets needed to be sold within three weeks of the date of the Outdoor Showcase, something the Tiger Cats Organization thought was impossible. Well….the lower bowl was sold out and 12,000 tickets were sold.





We work here


2015 – Current




Marketing, Ticketing, Design, Production, Game Operations, Merchandise

What we did

– Logo design

– Graphic design

– Copy

– Signage physical and digital

– Video production

– Marketing (TV, Radio, Online)

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