In 2022 we started our photography journey. Our standards had already demanded that photos for graphics needed to be lit a specific way to integrate into our designs, our media production days have and still to this day start with this mentality. 

Teams want what the big guys have, we were able to do it. 

We are now booking organization wide photography days for 2023 with QR code scanning, no online photo purchasing, just direct to teams for use.

Book now to ensure your photos can be used for teams during your 2023 season start date.

Sports Photography Hamilton


We come up with what you need to execute your theme photos needs using props, set design and actions.

Dedicate a month to your theme to improve social media results and keep people coming back to see your unique brand in action.

If you’ve got a social media campaign this is for you.


Simple might be just all you need and it saves us a whole lot of time!

Simple photography is related to your backdrop, lighting and needs. 

This option is best for singular teams needing a fast turnaround.


We go the extra mile to showcase your brand and/or team bringing a unique set to you with your colors, look and feel.

Top Shelf Media has grown up on the ideals that your photos should never look like someone elses if you don’t want it that way. We do our best to seperate you from the rest.

This is perfect for organizations that have a large amount of teams, families and parents that want something different. 

Teams have been getting the same photos for years, switch it up!


Good graphics require the right photo.

As a company that started doing graphic design before photography we understand that in order to create a proper look and feel to a graphic it needs to have a focus.

A lot of factors come into play when thinking of graphic design for photography. Placement, Color and lighting, the amount of photos and the brand in general.

Are you cutting out the player or are you using the entire photo or both? Graphic design can easily eat up a large amount of photos in a short amount of time!

If you’re a team with a lot of milestones, wanting to bring your quality up and get away from CANVA this ones for you.


Got a one off event that you just want to highlight? We’ll make sure your sporting event shines!


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