Rome wasn't built in a day.


For eight years former Marketing Director of the Bulldogs now COO of Top Shelf Media lead the creative and marketing efforts for Hamilton and transitional elements from the 905 to Brantford.

Through a collaborative effort fueled by new ideas, we revitalized every inch of the Bulldogs experience over an eight year span. Starting from brand rejuvenation through design digitally and in-store.

Year over year we drove a surge in attendance through digital advertising. The #BeTheHammer campaign brought new life into the Bulldogs fanbase. Each year we continued to put into place the foundations that were needed for success thinking three years ahead rather than an on the spot mentality. Today the former Hamilton Bulldogs now Brantford Bulldogs are strong in brand recognition because of these building blocks.

Now as Top Shelf Media, our team remains committed to delivering these same pillars to success.



In just two months we were able to put together a transition plan from one city to another. The move was unexpected and a surprise to all. The creative team at the Bulldogs now Top Shelf were able to put together what was required for season memberships where Ticketmaster was unable to provide services.

Content that spoke to both the Hamilton and Brantford fans was created, remembering that we were still in the middle of a season in Hamilton. While the situation was not ideal, it was handled with the correct touch from the team due to strategic communication that was put out on social channels.

Theme games played a major role in the development of the Bulldogs experience which lead to record breaking attendance #”s during pivotal ticket sale times early on in the season. By concentrating on the beginning of the season in the Hamilton market where sales weren’t as strong, the Bulldogs were able to continuously reach individual ticket sale goals by up to 300% more than projected.

The Top Shelf Media team consistently sought local artists for creative input. These alliances formed unique activations and experiences that generated funds for the local community. Today teams in the OHL are using these artists and concepts to launch their community campaigns and build relationships with fans from diverse backgrounds. While these ideas are no longer considered “new” they were just being rolled out at the higher levels of sport.

The creative team put together the framework that lead to many of the success stories separate of the team on the ices efforts. The creative team was instrumental in many of the decisions that are in place today including Digital Infrastructure, Game-day experience to Branding.