Stoney Creek Sabres Women's Hockey

Women's Hockey is the future of sport.


From tournament coverage to capturing the U18AA pathway to the ESSO Cup. We’ve had the privilege to capture the memories and success stories of over twenty teams within the Sabres organization.

For over two years, Top Shelf Media has been an integral part of the Sabres family, providing comprehensive media services for more than 20 teams, including the U18AA and U22AA squads.

Our partnership with the Stoney Creek Sabres has been a journey of capturing moments, telling stories, and developing the brand. We have documented the essence of the organization and its members through photo, video and story telling.

Analytical data from year one helps grow Sabres channels in year two.

Sabres Summer Vlogging

Throughout August to September, we made sure to capitalize on an important two months for growth digitally with the team. From year one we were able to mark where the best opportunity for growth was through analytical data and used those metrics to drive video content to social for two months focused on the team and tournaments.

Hosting media days for the U15, U18, U22 and Association specific needs has allowed us to gather a large amount of elements for the season. These pictures and video normally last us 3-4 months and help get things rolling while we capture other specific things leading up to the holidays.

Our approach to social media and graphic design is unique in the sense that we do our best to come up with the best ways to showcase that it’s GAMEDAY rather than always just saying IT’S GAMEDAY. While this proves as a challenge with 30+ games a season we do our best to change things up each month for teams whether its Breast Cancer Awareness month, the holiday season, or Taylor Swift just released a new album.

We’re fortunate enough to be a part of a women’s hockey community that rallies together and champions campaigns. Each October we turn everything Sabres pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness, a terrible disease which many from the community have experienced.