Revolutionizing Sports Photography

Creating Instagram-Worthy Team Portraits


In 2021, our media production company embarked on a journey to enhance sports team branding through social media management. However, we soon realized that video alone couldn’t capture the desired results, and the photography we obtained fell short. The limited, poorly lit photos failed to capture anything new or exciting. Determined to overcome this challenge, we ventured into the realm of sports portraits, beginning with the GOJHL Kilty B’s and CANUSA Games. Leveraging our expertise in lighting from video productions, we sought to achieve the desired look.

Captivating Set Designs:

While paper backdrops served as a quick fix and were suitable for specific graphic design purposes, we aimed to go beyond the ordinary. This is when we started creating visually stunning set walls. Drawing inspiration from college football social media accounts, which excel in sports-related content, we printed our designs on poster paper and adorned the walls. Although not an original concept, it allowed us to add a unique touch to our photography, setting us apart from traditional team photos.

Elevating the Photography Experience:

We recognized the need to break free from the monotony of unchanged team photos that have been around for ages. Parents, in particular, were yearning for something fresh and exciting. Taking cues from the rise of set design in photography pop-ups like the Office Experience and Strange Things Experience, we focused on creating an Instagram-worthy experience for the young athletes. By providing aesthetically pleasing sets, we met the growing demand for unique and shareable content. In our approach, we opted not to offer an extensive range of print options, understanding that parents who desire additional prints can explore other avenues.

Success Stories:

In 2022, we successfully executed this seamless photography experience for three teams: the Hamilton Huskies, Stoney Creek Sabres, and Cheer Sport Sharks. The overwhelmingly positive response was evident as kids proudly displayed their team photos as profile pictures. Encouraged by this success, we are excited to triple the number of teams we work with in the upcoming 2023 season. Collaborating with our resident set designer, we aim to create even more visually striking sets. Our unwavering belief in quality sets and lighting has transformed our photography approach, allowing us to apply our cinematography skills in unprecedented ways.


As our media production company transitioned from video production to sports photography, we faced the challenge of capturing captivating team portraits. Through a focus on high-quality set designs and lighting, we have revolutionized the photography experience for sports teams. By offering an Instagram-worthy experience, we have met the demands of young athletes seeking unique and shareable content. The resounding success of our endeavors has encouraged us to expand our services and continue pushing the boundaries of sports photography in the upcoming season.

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